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BAUER news announcement 2021/2022

For the next offer period October 2021 to September 2022, we are planning only 6 new products this time instead of 8 new products that we made last year (Oct 2020 to Sept 2021). There will always be 2 novelties appear and will be delivered together. New items for October will be canceled this year due to the great demand in 2021. I just need time to get stock levels up again. But during this time I will finish some older models that have been in stock as bodies for years. You can get information about this via our newsletter or via Facebook "Bauer Originals".

Novelty package1 will be delivered in December2021:

#4285   DKW 1000S Rallye MonteCarlo 1959 with start number 132.

We used our old master model from 1995 to realize this novelty. The model will be made in salmon red with a gray-white roof (painted). 2 drivers will sit in the model. This means that we can offer a second suitable model for the Volvo Amazon Rallye MC `59.

#4426   Porsche 911 Coupé burgandy

Since we no longer have a street version of the Porsche 911 in our program, we want to fill the gap again with this novelty. This model differs from the previous coupé versions in that the bumper horns have been removed at the front. Many 911s were delivered without these bumper horns at the time

Both models are activated for pre-orders.

We will present the novelty package 2 in November

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